Tyler Perry raising money to solve cold cases of 2 missing men in Florida

NAPLES, Florida (KTRK) -- A Hollywood filmmaker is using his star power to help find two men missing for more than a decade.

Tyler Perry is raising money to solve the cold case disappearances of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos.

Both men vanished in Florida nearly 15 years ago after they were each picked up by the same sheriff's deputy just months apart.

On 'GMA' this morning, Perry told Robin Roberts this isn't a black or white issue: it's about justice.

"I just want us to get away from everything being black and white and come together, and stand for what is wrong, and this is wrong," Perry said. "I stand against what is wrong, and this is wrong. This is injustice."

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against former Collier County deputy Steve Calkins for his connection in the disappearance of Williams and Santos.

Calkins was never charged, but was fired for not cooperating with investigators.

Perry is offering $200,000 for information in the cold cases.
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