Woman turns to Facebook to search for owner of unique bracelet found at Houston Airport

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An Arizona traveler is now on a mission after she discovered a unique item while visiting Houston.

Desiree Encinas traveled from Phoenix, Arizona to Houston to visit her sisters. While at the airport, she found something that now needs to get in the right hands.

Encinas said she was in a restroom at the airport when she stumbled upon a bracelet with a thumbprint, and a seal that may have ashes in it. When she found it, Encinas said she knew she had to find the owner.

"I knew it would be important to someone," Encinas said in an interview with ABC13.

Encinas told ABC13 that it was late and the lost-and-found at the airport was closed. She couldn't leave it there so, she decided to turn to social media in hopes that the owner will claim something so dear to them.

The bracelet was found on Jan. 28, and Encinas made the post the following day. She said her post is gaining traction and being shared by everyone from all over the world.

Encinas said she's not even sure if the owner of the bracelet lives in Houston, so posting on Facebook was the best thing to do.

"I figured, with the power of Facebook, as well that we can share it all over the world and see if we can get it back to its owner. I'm sure it means a lot to them," Encinas said.

In a statement, the Houston Airport System said it is also hoping to find the owner of the bracelet.

"We are hoping to find the owner as well. We have not received any inquiries [over the phone, at the lost and found office or online] about this item. We are hoping the owner can contact us so we can assist in returning the item to her or him. We've already shared the post on Hobby airports' Facebook and Twitter accounts."
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