FIVE TO FAB: How to look good while traveling

We all want to look and feel our best. Well, each week, we're sharing five tips, five items, five products, five ingredients, five steps, five minutes to a more fabulous you, which is why we call it Five to Fab!!!

Travel season is upon us, and after we check our bag, we want to be cute, comfortable, and security-line-friendly when we walk through the airport. Image consultant Natalie Weakly shares her tips to flawless travel style.
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Image Consultant Natalie Weakly shares her tips to flawless travel style

How to look put together for a flight. You never know you may run into.

What to wear on the plane
1. Your best outfit is easy for the security line and is stylish yet not over the top.

Beauty tip
1. A moisturized face and bright eyes help counter the effects of travel. Don't skip the moisturizer that day, opt for a slighter thicker version than your typical daytime moisturizer and use an eyelash curler, even if you are skipping mascara to brighten and widen your eyes.

Packing tip
1. Keep your carry-on organized and light! Have all your liquids in a baggie, pack only what you need and no schlepping tons of small bags.
2. Baggie of liquids, Kindle, jewelry, etc.

Food tip
1. Bring snacks that fill you up and keep your sodium intake low. You'll be puffy after the flight otherwise!
2. Apple, trail mix, protein bar, water.

Don't forget to drink water.
1. Planes are kept at an arid 12% humidity, counterbalance the drying effects!
2. Bottle of water.

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