8 to 9 shots pierce walls of 2 apartments in west Houston, narrowly missing renters

Police are now increasing patrols near The Landing at Westchase Apartments

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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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People just living in the comfort of their own apartments had their peace disturbed by shots going through their walls, and renters want their complex to do more to protect them over the near-fatal ordeal.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As Houstonians prepared for what became Hurricane Nicholas, tenants at The Landing at Westchase Apartments were counting their blessings.

Bullets narrowly missed them when someone opened fire from building's parking lot.

"I could have died that night," said one tenant, who didn't want to be identified. "Anyone could have died that night, and it's really hard to think about."

She said her husband was sitting just inches away from where bullets entered their apartment.

"I hear my husband, 'Hey, duck!' and I ducked. I was still kind of in shock ...touching my arm, making sure I wasn't shot at," she said.

Bullets entered one apartment, exited and entered the apartment across the breezeway. The woman who lives there told ABC13 she also didn't want to be identified because the shooter hasn't been caught.

"It was about eight or nine shots, and it was horrifying. God had covered me that night. I thank God to have a second chance of life," she said.

The tenants believe security breaches at the complex may have made it easier for the suspect or suspects. They told Eyewitness News the leasing office has pledged to fix the problems. So far, according to the tenants, it hasn't happened.

"There's multiple entry points where anyone can just walk in," one renter said. "We're missing locks, or the gates here just stay open a few days. Anyone can just walk in and just walk out."

Meanwhile, the Houston Police Department said it does not have any information regarding a suspect, including a description or details on a vehicle.

However, the department confirms it's investigating the incident. Authorities also plan to have more patrols in the area.

Tenants say they hope something like this never happens again.

"Due to this gun violence, I've been afraid," a tenant said. "It's been horrifying. I can't really think straight."

ABC13 called and left a message for the apartment complex's property manager.

We also visited the complex to see if answers about the alleged broken gate and locks could be addressed.

We were told someone would report back. As of Wednesday afternoon, Eyewitness News has not received a response.

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