Tarleton State University student survives gunshot wound to face

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
College student survives gunshot wound to face
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Jamie Hogland is sharing her story of survival after being shot in the face at Tarleton State University.

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- A college student shot in the face last December is now back home in Conroe, and she's sharing her incredible story of survival.

Jamie Richards Hogland, 19, was at her off-campus apartment in Stephenville where she attends Tarleton State University.

She heard a knock at the door but didn't see anyone. She opened the door to look and was shot by a stranger. The suspect was arrested and allegedly told police he was at the wrong building and shot Jamie by mistake.

"I remember everything," Jamie said.

After she was shot, she remained on the floor for more than three hours, bleeding and calling out for help.

"I laid there and I heard people opening and closing doors. Walking their dogs outside, and I was like, 'Help me! I got shot,' but no one did," Jamie said.

Paramedics and police finally came. Eventually Jamie was transferred to the Texas Medical Center.

After weeks of treatment, she is finally back home. She has paralysis below the gunshot wound, but amazingly she has movement in her right arm.

"I can move it. I can pick stuff up. I can play on my phone," she said.

With the support of family members, like mom Jessica, Jamie is getting better each day.

"She doesn't give up," Jessica said. "It makes you want to be a better person."

While her parents help her, Jamie returns the favor. She's teaching those around her to never back down. This isn't the first attack she's had to survive.

"[When] I just turned four, I was burned severely," Jamie said."A guy was sexually abusing me and to keep me quiet, he would try to kill me by holding me under hot water."

Jamie still bears scars from that attack alongside her new wounds, each the mark of a survivor.

She plans to write a book and become a child therapist to help others who are also going through seemingly impossible circumstances.

"It would be so easy to be mad at the world and mad at everything that has come against you, but you don't see that in her," Jessica said. "She just keeps her spirits up."

The family is trying to raise money for equipment and home modifications they'll need to make room for Jamie's wheelchair. They are selling support t-shirts and they have a GoFundMe account.

There's also a benefit planned for April 28, at the Splendora Assembly of God Church from 12 to 5 p.m. The benefit needs food donations and other preparation assistance.

You can call the church from (281) 689-6172 if you would like to help.