New app raises concerns for parents

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Periscope allows anyone to send out a live video and it lets you become your own TV station (KTRK)

Another social media tool is now up and running and its got parents very concerned about what their kids are showing and seeing.

Parents if you do not know what Periscope is, find out because it lets anyone with an iPhone send out live video and audio and just about anyone can watch.

The Periscope APP that lets you send a live video stream of anything you want.

When you are talking about a live stream of a dog or cat no one seems to have a problem with that.

"I think its fun and maybe educational too because if you had a question you could put it on the app and someone could help you with that," said Jasolyn Shorten.

But there is plenty of risky behavior to be found too.

This group of preteen girls asked people to rate them. Viewers sent everything from flirtatious comments to ones that were downright rude.

And at one point one of the girls starts striking suggestive poses.

"I would not like my daughter doing that or have someone rating her picture," said Kim Delcampo.

As parents of girls, Kim and Rob Delcampo have a problem with THAT use of the APP.

"I think there should be an age limit on Periscope," said Rob Delcampo.

As of right now there are no age limits.

Another problem, people sending out live streams from places like the restroom. And there's even the prospect of being the subject of a live stream and never knowing a thing about it.

Users can report inappropriate steams and they do get removed very quickly.

Twitter is bringing the app to its 200 million users. Parents can be notified of a child's live stream by following the child on Twitter.

And like other Social Media tools, parents should talk to their kids about the dangers of the APP.

"It's just something else that we have to be aware of and hopefully educate other parents about too," said Stacy Lawhorn.

While Periscope is a live streaming app, you can go back and watch the videos of people you follow. so be careful about what you show.
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