Virtual reality headsets becoming a target for hackers

One of the fastest growing businesses in the world could soon be the next target of computer hackers.

Virtual reality is now a $27 billion industry that is quickly attracting hackers. Some researchers say hackers can now manipulate virtual reality systems and games without the users even knowing it.

A research team in Connecticut found vulnerabilities in some VR systems.

They could shut off VR systems and games remotely. They were even able to manipulate people who are playing virtual reality games.

"Without them even knowing is particularly dangerous. You know you could walk someone down the stairs," graduate researcher Peter Casey said. "It's a little bit like any other system where you know there is risk. You're a little bit extra careful as no one wants to trip and fall or smash their TV or furniture."

The group found that not all features or brands are proven to be vulnerable.

We reached out to the co-founder of Extality, a tech and gaming company that works with leading VR manufacturers. He said "The idea that we're going to become zombies and be moved around by the headsets into dangerous situations, I don't see that happening."

Researchers say take precautions like you would with all devices.

Make sure to keep your VR software and hardware updated along with anti-virus software. And only open what you need to on your computer to operate the VR system.
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