World Robotics Championship at the GRB this week

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The George R. Brown Convention Center is the biggest classroom in the Bayou City right now, as it hosts a global robotics championship where students compete from all over the world in the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship.

There are local teams competing, including Harmony School of Advancement student Ray Bowman.

"Not everybody has to be interested in engineering in order to solve a problem. It's just critical thinking," said Bowman.

More than 15,000 kids, each part of a team, have built robots designed to perform specific tasks.

The robot built by Bowman's team can perform tasks such as shooting balls into a hoop.

Quickness and accuracy count and keep teams moving forward in the competition.

Some students like London Darce of Oakridge High School, comparing it to that other famous Texas pastime.

"If you look down on the field and you see your team try to run in for that touchdown, and you're on your feet cheering. That's what we do but it's for the robot climbing the rope and trying to press the button at the last second so we can get that 50 points," said Darce.

As a senior on her team, Nundini Rawal said she's learning about leadership, and how to shake off pesky labels such as geek or nerd.

"I've heard it numerous times, but honestly, I don't feel that way at all. I'm proud," said Rawal.

The competitions are for students in grades K-12, and you can go to the George R. Brown Convention Center and watch for free.

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