Are tape-in hair extensions worth the hype?

ByJohanna Trupp Localish logo
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Are tape-in hair extensions worth the hype?
Here's everything you want to know about tape-in extensions, including how long they last, how much they cost and whether they'll damage your natural hair.

NEW YORK -- Unfortunately, I don't have naturally long, strong, thick and luscious hair. What I do have is a love for hair extensions. Luckily, there's a vast array of options to add length and volume to my locks.

I've tried everything from temporary clip-in extensions and attachable ponytails to pricey heat fusion extensions that can last months to now semi-permanent tape-in extensions.

When applied correctly, tape-in extensions can be much more forgiving on your natural hair. Flat strips of hair gently sandwich strands of your natural hair. This eliminates any pulling or ripping of your real hair while allowing it to keep growing.

After some research, I settled on working with lead stylist Vanessa Alcala at Mark Ryan Salon, owned by celebrity colorist Mark DeBolt and celebrity stylist Ryan Trygstad.

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