Truck driver shortage leads to job opportunities in a matter of weeks

ALVIN, Texas (KTRK) -- There's a tanker truck shortage, which could lead to higher gas prices this summer. But, if you're looking for a job, there's a way to tap into the career fast.

The race is on to get more people certified to drive these trucks this summer after the pandemic left a gap in drivers.

"It's kind of recession proof kind of job," said Ricky Luna, a student. "Especially with everything going on. You want something more secure."

Alvin Community College also helps students train to become drivers that carry fuel.

Tankers are in critical need. National tank truck carriers estimates 25% of industry vehicles could sit idle this summer because there aren't enough drivers, which could cause gas shortages.

Ramanan Krishnamoorti, a supply disruption chief energy officer at the University of Houston, said it could make a big impact this summer.

"You're going to have price spikes that could be anywhere from a few cents to as much as a dollar or $2," Krishnamoorti said.

And it's not just gas. If positions aren't filled, it could have a ripple effect.

"Whether it is Bounty paper towels, to your milk, to your beef patty, every single thing gets impacted," Krishnamoorti said.

If you're interested, experts said tanker drivers can make more than $100,000.

You have to be at least 21, you must pass a background and driving check, and pass additional tests like the standard four-week course. It costs around $3,000, but there's financial aid available.

However, instructors said in as little as two months you could be on your way.

"It's not boring," said Victor Blanco, a student. "You're not going to be stuck in a desk, or in a shop, or in a refinery. You're going to be riding around making some money."

It's a career many say could not only help your bank account, but save your neighbor money at the pump as well.

If you're interested, visit the Alvin Community College website to inquire about the four-week course.

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