Synthetic drug warning after tragic death at Free Press Summer Fest

THE WOODLANDS (KTRK) -- A doctor in The Woodlands is concerned about the availability of synthetic drugs in the area.

When Dr. Penelope Duke heard about 18-year-old Megan Tilton's ecstasy-related death, she said she was heartbroken.

"To take any of these drugs off the street, whether it's from somebody you know or somebody you don't know, whether it's from a dealer or your friend, it's no different than taking a loaded gun and putting it to your head," Duke said.

Street drugs like "molly" and "kush" are made of lab-created chemicals and other unknown substances. The drugs are not tested by any regulatory agency.

Tilton's mother, Julie, said she had spoken to her daughter Megan about drugs in the past and that Megan assured her she would never take drugs.

VIDEO: Graduate dies after overdosing at Free Press Summer Festival

Sunday night, Julie got a call from Memorial Hermann Hospital.

"He said that at the festival, Megan was given a form of tainted ecstasy and it stopped her heart," Tilton said. "They were unable to revive her."

Dr. Duke encourages parents to continue talking with their children about the dangers of drugs.

Houston Police are not currently investigating any deaths linked to the Free Press Music Fest over the weekend. According to the Houston Fire Department, 22 people were transported from the festival to the hospital. The department could not say if those cases were drug-related or not.
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