Suspects pose as city officials and attempt to enter homes to 'check water for COVID-19'

SWEENY, Texas (KTRK) -- The City of Sweeny is issuing a warning after it believes two people attempted to scam a resident.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, city officials said a concerned citizen contacted city hall about a strange interaction with two people claiming to have been contracted by the city.

The resident said the individuals attempted to gain access to the home to test their water for COVID-19.

The resident didn't let them inside, and instead offered them a sample through other means.

The individuals allegedly told the resident that the water was contaminated and they needed to fill out a form that asked for personal information, including Social Security number.

The two suspects were driving a grey Mercedes.

City officials say they have not contacted anyone, nor is the city performing such services.

They ensured all public works employees wear identifying uniforms and drive city vehicles.

"Do not give any of your information like this to any individuals coming to your home," the city warned in its Facebook post.

Residents can report suspicious activity or individuals to the Sweeny Police Department at 979-548-3112 or contact city hall at 979-548-3321 with any questions.

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