New procedure that gets rid of the "buffalo hump"

We all know there are specific exercises that target specific areas when it comes to losing weight. However, for anyone who struggles with what some nickname a "buffalo hump" -- or fat on the back of the neck -- there haven't been many options or exercise moves. Now, there's a minimally invasive procedure doctors say gets rid of the lump for good.

Dawn Rodriguez is trying it out. She's been self-conscious about the lump behind her neck for her entire life.

"I just want it to be smooth," she says.

It might seem silly to some, but the area of fat has kept her from cutting her hair or even pulling it up.

"I can't. I just can't. I feel like I can't," Rodriguez says.

So, she's trying AirSculpt Laser Lipo.

Elite Body Sculpture Houston's Medical Director Dr. Dexter Blome explains, "There's no needles, there's no stitches, there's no scalpels."

This particular fat removing procedure is also done while the patient is awake, which Dr. Blome says is safer.

It starts with a tiny two millimeter hole through which numbing solution goes in. A laser follows.

"That melts some of the fat cells and does a little tightening to the skin," says Dr. Blome.

The air-sculpt machine then quickly removes fat cells by moving back and forth more than one-thousand times a minute.

"It'll last the rest of your life. Those fat cells are gone," says Dr. Blome.

The whole procedure takes less than an hour and when we checked in with Rodriguez four weeks later she was pulling hair to the side and showing her back.

She happily exclaimed, "There's just a different feeling, when you don't feel like you're trying to hide something."

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