We got next! City starts preparing for Houston's Super Bowl

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Once the final whistle is blown in Super Bowl 50, Houston will be on the clock and officials are already figuring out what needs to be done to keep the game safe in the Bayou City next year.

Senator John Cornyn met with County Judge Ed Emmitt, Sheriff Ron Hickman and members of the local FBI terrorism task force Friday as the city prepares for Super Bowl 51.

Cornyn says the threats are different from the last time the city played host to the game.

"The radicalization of people in place using social media," said Cornyn. "One of the things the FBI pointed out is that a lot of times they don't have any information about people until the there is an incident that occurs."

Cornyn mentioned Texas has the largest Muslim population of any state in the nation. Local officials say keeping everyone safe now hinges on reaching out to the local Muslim community.

Local officials say they are doing that.

"Clearly the security is different now than it was 10 years ago," said Emmett. "We have different characters and different actors that might want to disrupt the Super Bowl, but the law enforcement at every level is paying and we will be ready."

While the senator is touring Houston, local officials are in California learning the latest security measures being used at the Super Bowl and figuring out what needs to be updated in Houston before we play the big game.
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