Stolen bird worth $10K returned to owner

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A bird worth $10,000 was returned to its owner after being stolen from a dance studio in the Heights.

"I am beyond thrilled and so thankful," said Shawn Welling, the bird's owner.

WATCH: Here's the sweet return of Grover and its owner

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Here's the sweet reunion of Grover and its owner.

Welling says his blue macaw named Grover was stolen from his atrium around 8:50 p.m. Friday. Both doors to the cage were open and the bird's food bowl was placed on top.

The bird's disappearance prompted a frantic search to find him and posts on social media eventually reached a Houston man who claims he bought the bird on the street a few days ago for $600.

"I saw the bird was actually in need of someone who knew how to take care of a bird, because the guy that had it was feeding it salted sunflower seeds and stuff," the man said.

Grover has been part of his family for 13 years.

Surveillance video was able to capture Welling's dog barking at the intruder.

The owner of the bird told ABC13 that Grover is like one of their family members.

"To the person who took this bird, you have done more than just take a bird from his sanity and sanctity. You have destroyed a home," said Welling.

One of the family members offered a $10,000 reward for its return. The bird was reunited with Welling Monday afternoon.

Welling said he plans to install a fence around his property immediately to add an extra layer of security to his home.

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