FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: Starbucks provides child care benefits to employees

Starbucks is offering their employees a new family care benefit.

The coffee chain company announced workers will get 10 subsidized backup care days for their kids or elders.

They are teaming up with, a digital platform that connects caregivers with those who need them, in order to make this possible.

Employees will be able to choose to pay a dollar a day for in-home care or they can pay five dollars a day for each child at a center.

After ten days, workers pay the full cost for services provided by

According to CNN, the new benefits come after Starbucks noted that two million parents quit their jobs in 2016 due to the lack of child care.

A spokesman for the franchise said this is the "final piece of the puzzle" of a new set of benefits announced by the company in January, which also includes workers' paid parental leave for up to six weeks, including sick days.
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