Meet the man who turned an airplane into a home

BROOKSHIRE, Texas (KTRK) -- If you are driving down I-10 near Brookshire, you may spot Joe Axline living in an airplane.

Project Freedom began in 2011 after Axline bought two retired, wingless planes, one 50 feet long and the other 60 feet.

Axline renovated the inside of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 by adding wood floors, LED lights, insulation, a water well, sewer system and waterproof electrical wiring.

Today, the MD-80 is Axline's main living quarters, which includes a master bedroom, two sleeping areas, a living room and a kitchen.

Despite turning the airplane into a home, some details from the airplane's former purpose still remain including, the original cockpit, overhead bins, cabinets, flight attendant call buttons, reading lights, vents, and even a Jeppesen manual that the pilots once used.

Axline is converting the other DC-9 Spirit Airlines plane into a movie room and arts and craft center. Then, he plans to build a control tower to connect the two planes.
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