Will the Houston Astros World Series trophy end up inside Minute Maid Park?

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Where will the Astros World Series trophy go? (KTRK)

Right now, the Houston Astros are letting fans get up close to the team's first World Series trophy.

The trophy is touring across Texas through August. Once it's over, fans have an idea of where they'd like to see the trophy's final resting spot.

"I'd like to see the real thing here at Minute Maid Park," Luis Serbin said. "That would be awesome."

"Put it right here in the stadium, and let everybody see every time they come in," Tom Davis added.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Astros about the decision. The team said they have not made a decision as to where the trophy will be placed - or if any replicas will be made.

"Don't make a replica," Wayne Conner said. "It's got to be the real thing."

It's a sensitive subject for Houston fans after learning the Rockets no longer have their back-to-back trophies from the 90s.

"The cases are empty? Oh my gosh, that's terrible! We need them back Les. Bring them back!" Joan Bolingbroke said.

The Rockets said former owner Les Alexander took the trophies after he sold the team.

We reached out to Alexander's business, but our calls weren't returned.

"$2 billion and you couldn't even leave the trophies that the team earned and you did not? Shame!" Kimberly Gersham said.

The organization said this isn't uncommon.

Like other pro sports, the NBA presents the owner with the trophy. Although the originals are gone, the team is having replicas made.

"The symbolism and the actual trophies themselves are always going to be here," Rockets CEO Tad Brown said. "They're always going to represent what the Houston Rockets have done for the city and the fans and we're going to be able to celebrate that for years and years to come."

Astros fans hope the organization's first title hardware doesn't meet the same fate if the organization is sold one day.

"How could I stop him? He owns it. I mean that's it," Tom Davis said.
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