Coach Riordan restores a winning tradition at Crosby

ByJuan Beltran KTRK logo
Friday, October 5, 2018
Coach Riordan has restored a winning tradition at Crosby
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It takes a certain pedigree to develop a winner, and Coach Riordan knows he has it at Crosby.

CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- Crosby head coach Jeff Riordan knows what it takes to win a state title.

He proved that as a coordinator in 2008 with Sulphur Springs.

Ironically, that victory came against Crosby's biggest rival, the Dayton Broncos, which lead coach Riordan to the open door he had been praying for.

Jeff was the 13th candidate interviewed for Crosby's coaching vacancy. But the thing that made him stand out to the hiring committee was a certain familiarity.

"When Coach Riordan started speaking he brought up his 'code red' thing," said former Crosby head coach and athletic director Ronnie Davenport. "God, family, team. He sounded like me when he answered the question, so he kind of struck a cord."

For the longest time, Crosby could not get over the hump and beat their Highway 90 rival. That's changed with Coach Riordan, who has won the last five straight meetings against the Broncos.

"It had been a back and fourth thing. Then Dayton took the series for a little while. It was a big rivalry from what I hear when I got here," said Riordan. "That first year we were over at their place playing pretty well, and some things went their way, they ended up beating us. After that, we've been winning,"

Riordan and Davenport's friendship blossomed outside of football, as they both meet up with the assistant coaches every Thursday morning for Bible study.

"He does a great job and I just enjoy watching him," said Davenport. "I've told him over and over that I wish I would have been able to coach or work with him when I was coaching. I think I would have learned so much."

The Crosby Cougars will put their undefeated record on the line this Friday night against the Dayton Broncos in our Game of the Week. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.