Roughnecks player gears-up to greet fans at league opener

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It wasn't the XFL Houston Roughnecks star quarterback, or defensive player, but the kicker who greeted fans for the first time at the league opener.

With only hours before the big debut, fans might have thought the Houston Roughnecks players are experiencing some nerves. However, if you spot No. 7, Sergio Castillo, you'll see he's shaking for another reason.

"I love Banda music," Castillo said.

He doesn't only provide a laugh on the field, but he's known to break the ice in the locker room. Recently, he shared a video to social media wrapping his teammates' gear and proudly posing with the end result.

"Yeah, sometimes I'm a little too much to handle, but they just go with it," Castillo explained.

Castillo might joke around, but he doesn't kid when it comes to kicking. He played in a preseason NFL game, and spent several years in the CFL, where he was an all-star.

When the XFL formed, Roughnecks coach June Jones came calling.

"He's a character," Jones explained. "He's one of the guys. He's not your ordinary kicker."

Castillo stands out for another reason. He's a proud Mexican-American.

"I love Pan Dulce. I love tacos," Castillo said. "You want to invite me? Take me out!"

His Latino pride extends beyond food. Castillo loves being a Mexican-American that plays football.

"I think football is growing, little by little, especially the second and third generation Mexican-Americans that are growing up here in Texas," Castillo said.

His passion for the game and his community is the reason Castillo will be the spotlighted player on Saturday. He'll be the one at midfield introducing fans to the team in both English and Spanish.

Although he's known for his jokes, Castillo said the shaking that fans may see from him on Saturday will actually be nerves.

"It just shows it doesn't matter where you come from, your background, what's your skin color, that anything can be done as long as you put in the hard work," Castillo said.

Single game tickets start at $24.

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