Report: AT&T, DirecTV set to take over CSN Houston network

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Rockets and Astros fans may soon have more options when it comes to watching their favorite sports team.

In a federal bankruptcy disclosure filed earlier this week, AT&T and DirecTV may soon take over Comcast SportsNet Houston, which would allow their respective customers to watch Rockets and Astros games from the comfort of their own homes.

"Well on the surface, it sounds good because all I know that is that AT&T and Directv are going to be able to get access to Comcast sports, right? So that means that if I have AT&T and Directv, I can watch my games. That's all I ask," said Astros fan Mike Via.

"I love it," said Daniel Bowman. "Being from Houston, you want to see the Astros and Rockets play. That way I can stay at home and watch them whenever I want."

Comcast Sports Net Houston file for Chapter bankruptcy nearly a year ago. According to the disclosure, Comcast SportsNet Houston owed more than $72 million in payments to the Astros and Rockets up until last year.

Together, AT&T and DirecTV hold about 43 percent of the households in the Houston area. Viewership is expected to see a boost.

There is still no word on a date of the switch or exactly how much AT&T and DirecTV will invest in this deal.

A separate trust is being planned to handle any other claims.
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