Moody Gardens Komodo dragon makes bold Super Bowl prediction

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Who will win Super Bowl LIII? Murphy, the Komodo dragon at Moody Gardens, has made a prediction.

Murphy was given two jello-mold footballs to choose between. The New England Patriots were represented by the red football placed in one end zone and a yellow football was used to represent the Los Angeles Rams in the other.

Following a controversial call resulting in a tie and overtime, the Komodo dragon went back and forth and ate some of both footballs. He cleared the tray of the yellow jello, predicting his winner.

Murphy says, "Go Rams!"

George H.W. Bush once received a live Komodo dragon as a gift. Bush was given one, courtesy of Indonesia's government, named Naga. While the idea of letting a giant varanid prowl around the Oval Office sounds pretty awesome, the president instead chose to hand him over to the Cincinnati Zoo. After fathering 32 youngsters, the illustrious critter passed away in 2007 at the respectable age of 24.

The venomous reptiles can consume 80 percent of their body weight in one sitting.
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