BattleFrog Race series to make Texas debut in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It ain't you're mama's obstacle course race! On Friday, people at Sam Houston Park got a preview of what the "Battlefrog" is all about.

Competitors climb over walls, in the mud, and go through a ropes course. The event is founded and run by Navy SEALs. For adults, there are more than 25 obstacles marking the 15 race.

"It's crazy but it's fun. It's unlike anything else," says Marissa Suesue, who's testing the course.

Kids and teens can leap into the "tadpole" or "bullfrog" division, with help from a real navy seal.

"We don't have our SEALs yelling at people," said organizer Don Man, CEO of Battlefrog. "Our SEALs are there to help their partner over the wall, the kid over the wall, even the grandmother over the wall.

The Suesue family got to test out some of the obstacles together.

"The obstacles, are friendly for them so I don't worry," said Marissa Suesue.

"I run with a big group also, but I don't leave nobody behind. I like to make it a team sport," said Ao Suesue.

If you need some motivation for the blood, sweat and tears required to finish the race, proceeds benefit funds for veterans and helping the families of fallen SEALs. The obstacle race comes to Houston March 28-29. Registration is now underway.

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