Grease in sewage line seen as cause of backup in SE Houston neighborhood

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Sewage backup creates messy, smelly situation at 2 Houston homes
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Sewage backup creates messy, smelly situation at 2 Houston homes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After a home in southeast Houston had raw sewage leaking and covering the floors, a similar situation plagued at least two other houses in the same neighborhood.

The original sewage problem took place at a home on Arvana, near Frey and Edgebrook, where people living at the home saw and smelled the waste.

The Phan family described it as a water fountain about three to four feet high.

The family living at the home is now staying at a hotel, with the City of Houston footing the bill. According to the city, the backup started as city crews worked on a sanitary line nearby. The blocked line, the city believes, was likely caused by grease, which officials urged people to cool, pour into a can and then throw away in the trash.

Eyewitness News also learned neighbors tried to get help about the backup almost two weeks ago. A man said he noticed a foul-smelling leak and called the city's service 311 hotline.

"I tried to call in about three times and sometimes the phone was busy, busy, and no one answered. So I'm tired. I talked to my neighbors because this place stinks," said Zegrano Garcia, a resident who couldn't reach the hotline.

In response to the calls for service, the city is checking on them.

Unfortunately, at least two other residences - a neighboring home and a house down the street - are also seeing sewage backed up.

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