Veterans keep 'Taps' tradition alive in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Sunset in Galveston is always special, especially during Memorial Day weekend.

Navy veteran and Constable Clint Wayne Brown said, "It means the day is coming to an end, day is done. We're getting ready to play 'Taps.'"

Vietnam veteran James Harper said, "It's one of the best songs there is."

This Memorial Day weekend, veterans who served in Vietnam, Iwo Jima and Afghanistan are standing together, reminding us all of the sacrifices that were made.

Harper said, "I've always felt that I came home because I had a pair of angels on my shoulders. I still believe that today."

World War II veteran Raymond Warren said, "We did a lot to protect this country. The country means everything to me."

Constable Brown said, "Some people paid the ultimate price and we want to show respect."

There's a stillness, appreciation and a hope that what they represent will be carried on.

"It's important to get some patriotism going, we're losing it. We need to keep it up. That's why I do it," said Warren.

It's not just the notes that travel over the bay. It's the tradition that was first started by Korean War veteran Guy Taylor at dusk each night.

Taylor would walk out onto his Galveston balcony and play the tune, which is now preserved by viral videos seen around the world.

Brown says they want to keep it alive. Taylor played his final notes in February of 2017.

"He was part of my life and an inspiration like others who served," said Brown.

Now, his military brothers are making sure the tradition he started is carried on.

"We have three people who blow 'Taps' now in different places and they get their crowds," said Harper.

Warren added, "He was my best friend. He would be really be proud of it. I miss him a whole lot."

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