Uber driver rallies help for veteran living in squalor

The kindness of an Uber driver is being credited for changing the life of an 89-year-old veteran in Georgia.

Lauren Mulvihill took Ronald Dembner home from the hospital recently and found his home in serious disrepair when she walked him inside.

Mulvihill says the level of filth, brought on by years of neglect, took her breath away.

She tried to clean it up, but it was simply too much. She decided to post a plea on Facebook.

The response was overwhelming. An army of volunteers showed up, cleaning and tearing everything out of the house.

"I'm floored. I'm like blown away by the response that I got," Mulvihill said. "The smell is almost gone. We have ripped up the carpets, all the trash is out. The old furniture is out."

In addition to the work, Mulvihill also raised $3,000 for Ronald, who she says is mentally sharp, but has no family and couldn't physically keep up all the work.

Ronald says he's incredibly grateful to those who stepped up to help a stranger.
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