Top 4 apps for finding clean public restrooms

Sometimes you just have to go, and fortunately there's an app for that.

You could always just cross your legs and do the pee-pee dance, or you can download one of these amazing bathroom finders and get some immediate relief:

Toilet paper maker Charmin developed this app to help you find public restrooms near you. What's even more nifty: Users rate the toilets based on cleanliness, so you can find solitude in your decision to sit rather than squat.

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Where to Wee
This free bathroom locator lets users rate nearby thrones by color: gray means no one has used this loo, green means clean, yellow means you should use caution, and red is a no-go.

With nearly 200,000 bathrooms already mapped out, Flush provides an instant map of nearby restrooms. The selling point on this app is it works whether you have your internet data on or not.

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Bathroom Scout
Serenity now! With turn-by-turn navigation and more than 1.3 million toilets listed in the app, Bathroom Scout is ready when you are nearing the point of no return.
These apps are all available in your iPhone or Android app store.

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