TALKING TATTS: All the buzz around 'soundwave' tattoos

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Soundwave tattoos are all the buzz, with an app that allows audio messages to be heard. (KTRK)

Some may say the ultimate sign of affection is getting someone's name tattooed on your body.

But now, there's a new way to immortalize that love with an app that takes body art to a whole new level. They're called "soundwave tattoos," developed by the company Skin Motion.

Bride-to-be Sara Clausen, along with her fiancé Rolsten, made the decision to get inked up with a very personal touch.

"Just seemed like the right way to commemorate our relationship through tattoos," said Claiusen

They went under the needle to get audio tattoos that play each other's voices.

B.K. Klev, with Prison Break Tattoos, is literally buzzing about these hi-tech tats.

"So you upload the audio file to the Skin Motion website and it provides for you a sound wave pattern. Skin Motion provides us a stencil to go back and for us to be able to tattoo those soundwaves, those little squiggly lines on your arm," Klev explained.

TALKING TATTS: More ink with messages of love and tribute

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They look like globs of ink poured on your skin. But these designs have special meaning that you'll want to be all ears for. (Courtesy of Skin Motion)

Once the tattoo is done, just scan the ink with your smart phone app. On Rolsten's arm, it plays Sara's voice saying, "I love you most."

On her arm, you can hear his voice saying, "Whatever baby wants."

"If one of us has to travel somewhere, then it's having that other person with you at all times," Clausen said.

While this isn't her first tattoo, it's her first "soundwave" and probably not her last.

"My father passed away about five years ago and I do have a voicemail from him on my birthday, and I'm hoping to get that in the future too," Clausen told us.

For those concerned about the ink fading with time, or skin stretching with age, Klev says not to worry.

"Skin Motion will modify their design and modify the soundwave file to match that tattoo as it ages," Klev said.

So, could getting a tattoo of someone's name become a thing of the past? Clausen thinks so.

"Tattoos (are) definitely going to be there forever and it is definitely a commitment, but you know, so is marriage and I think that it should be just as permanent," Clausen said.

Typically, these tattoos could run between $150 to $300, but it also depends on its size and amount of ink used.
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