Stay-at-home moms give back to victims of Hurricane Harvey

CLEAR LAKE, Texas (KTRK) -- Over the past two weeks, we've seen countless volunteers doing their part to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Well, a group of volunteers had to find their own special way to make a difference. They call themselves the Harvey Moms. The group started with just a few stay-at-home moms in Clear Lake trying to juggle their kids and find a way to give back.

Now, through the power of Facebook, this group of givers tops 75 moms and spans several suburbs around Houston.

Mom friends Katie Rehrer, Stephanie Mooring and Lauren Pearson wanted to find a purpose during the aftermath of Harvey.

"I couldn't help everyone, I couldn't feed everyone, but I had to find something I could do," recalled Rehrer.

Their idea: make bag lunches for the home owners and workers affected by Harvey.

"We just came up with this idea because we can't take our kids every day out into this and swing hammers, but it's in our hearts to really help," explained Mooring.

In the past two weeks, moms hosted lunch bag-making parties to help with the effort.

"We're putting chips, cookies, sandwich, an apple, mayonnaise and mustard, and we're handing out water," said Rehrer.

One of the people they delivered lunch to was Jamie Garcia. She's a Friendswood mom of a seven, three, and two-year-old, along with a three-week-old. Her house flooded that fateful night and had to evacuate from the high water.

"It was up to here on me. My two-year-old just held on tight," said Garcia.

Her husband was supposed to be at work that night, but he was home.

"Had he not been there, I don't know how I would have gotten all my kids out of the house," recalled Garcia.

But, they all survived. Their house did not.

"It was hard to take in," Garcia added.

When Mooring and Rehrer saw the devastation Garcia's family endured, they knew they had to do more than make sandwiches.

"I'm not stopping until we can help her as much as we can," said Mooring.

So, now the next phase of Harvey Moms is to help families like Garcia's get some of the valuable items lost.

"They just opened their hearts and helping hands to help a lot of the moms and families out there who are in the same situation as we are, and I couldn't be more grateful or appreciative," said Garcia.

Harvey Moms said they plan to connect with other families in need throughout the area, and their hope is to make sure these families also have a good Christmas. For info on how you can become a Harvey Mom, click here.

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