Houstonians pitch their ideas in hopes of landing on Shark Tank

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Tomorrow's big idea might be in Houston today. More than 350 people showed up at Rice University Sunday morning for a chance to make it on the hit ABC show "Shark Tank". We found a few intrepid inventors and followed them to the audition room.

For the first 100, we're going to go inside in about 15 or 20 minutes.

They showed up before dawn.

"I've been in line for 24 hours. I actually camped out in my car," said Brooke Young, Owner of Oshundra Naturals.

Their pitches practiced.

"Hello, Sharks. My name is Keith Holden, aka, Golden Holden, and I'm the inventor of the Golden Edge Training Solution," said inventor of Golden Edge Training Solution.

And props in hand.

"The client receives a nice and tidy USB stick. We're Doorstep Digital, a mobile archiving and organizing company," said Jack Perry, Owner of Doorstep Digital.

Young was the first in line. For many like her the chance to audition for "Shark Tank" is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"It's just a great way to just live out the American Dream and just put my business out there," Young said.

It literally is just like the show. You will walk up there, set up whatever you need to set up, hand them your application and then do your pitch.

In front of the judges, young showed off the skincare line she developed.

"I'm a vegan personally, so I believe in cruelty-free products, which is why I developed four brands," said Young.

But outside, the competition waited, everything from fitness...

"Our company is Dollar Workout Club -- every single week you get 5 at-home training video, 5 recipe videos, and 5 motivation videos."

To fashion...

"We have a mommy and me matching clothing line," said another contestant.

From home improvement...

"Simple plastic device that attaches to your stud... My key to organization is one-row deep storage," said another guest.

To baby products...

"There's going to be a treatment in a pattern that's going to melt with the baby's body heat and treat and prevent diaper rash," said another guest.

Like everyone else, when young walked out of the audition she didn't know if she made it.

"From this point on, we'll go back to L.A. review all the applicants we saw, find the ones we like, and we'll call then within the next two weeks and move them on to the next step," said supervising cast producer, Scott Salyers.

So for now, all she and everyone else -- can do is wait.

"It was great. I know I'm sweating bullets and I look like a coo-coo crazy person, but it was well worth the 24 hours spent camping out in my car," said Young.
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