PHOTOS: Man turns ice to art with stunning goddess sculpture

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- One man is using the brutal cold to create a masterpiece.

Don Harrison is a professional ice sculptor.

He found a huge chunk of ice on a Philadelphia ara underpass, and he got to work early this morning - around 1:30 a.m. - to create an Ice Goddess.

Harrison explains that the head and torso of the sculpture are naturally formed from the ice coming off the overpass, and he added the outstretched arms to the body.

As for why he chose to create something beautiful from the ice, Harrison explains, "I just really like to sculpt. It's my passion. So, I got off of work at 12:30 from my full time job, and I came directly out here with a truck full of ice and a bunch of tools."

As for the tools of the trade, Harrison says he primarily uses the chainsaw, with a combination of a number of grinders and chisels.

The reception to his creation has been very, very good, he says.

Harrison explains, "A lot of people are honking. A lot of people are stopping, taking pictures, want to talk to me. Asking me how long I've been doing it, stuff like that. So it's been very welcoming, and everybody seems to love it."

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