Newlyweds take photo in front of their burning wedding party bus on the way to church

DES MOINES, IA (KTRK) -- Newlyweds in Iowa have some memorable photos from their wedding day after their party bus caught fire on the way to the church.

According to the Des Moines Register, Krissi and Shane McCollow were on their way to say "I do" on Saturday when their bus "literally exploded," Shane told The Register.

Krissi said that the bus felt warm when they first got inside. They asked the driver to turn on the air, but it was too cold. So the driver adjusted the air again.

That's when they started to smell and see smoke. Everyone on the bus was able to get out safely.

The newlyweds and their wedding party tried to make the most of the situation. The photographer, McKaila Hanna, captured the memorable moment as part of their wedding photos.

"Interesting unplanned entrance to a wedding ceremony today," Hanna wrote on her Facebook page.

The photos included crews extinguishing the fire, and the bride and groom even took a group photo with the firefighters.

"The father of the bride is a firefighter, so we thought it's only fitting something like this would happen," Hanna wrote.

Krissi was happy with how it eventually turned out. Hanna said the bride was cool, calm and collected.

"I can't believe as a bride she was that calm," Hanna told The Register.

"You did such an amazing job capturing these pictures during our mass chaos! This is why I love you. Our wedding pictures, this far, have blown any expectations of mine out of the water. So funny we wanted to do smoke to begin with," Krissi said.

The owner of the party bus service told The Register that a leak from one of the bus' brake chambers caused the fire.
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