The Gulfton Story Trail celebrates Houston's diversity

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One Houston neighborhood is taking its diverse culture and putting it proudly on display.

The Gulfton Trail Story is a new series of larger than life murals, all within walking distance of each other, which feature the richness of the Gulfton neighborhood in southwest Houston.

"It brings life to the community," said mural artist Jesse De Leon.

De Leon is one of the mural artists who created a huge mural on the side of a laundromat on Rampart. It is poetry-inspired art which tells the story of the community's immigrant families.

"The murals are based on the poetry that the community members write, the children write," explained Dr. Aisha Siddiqui, of Culture of Health - Advancing Together.

Siddiqui leads the efforts of the non-profit organization, CHAT - Culture of Health - Advancing Together. The non-profit works to help immigrant families thrive in their new environment. She says art is just one way to make that happen.

"A lot of people who live here, art is not on their mind because they have to struggle with their day to day, so the art is coming to them," said Siddiqui.

De Leon says he finds satisfaction in the instant feedback he received from people in the community once he began to paint the building.

"They're grateful that we're out here doing it, and that's what it's all about," De Leon said.

For information visit CHAT.

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