Houston church creates hand-washing stations for homeless population

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Local community members have been stepping up to the plate across Houston, in efforts to take care of one another as novel coronavirus continues.

The Rise Houston Church crafted over a dozen portable hand-washing stations, placing them throughout the city in areas that have a high population of homeless people.

According to its website, the church, popularly known as RISEHOUSTON, has committed to the upkeep of these hand-washing stations that they believe will be needed for years to come.

"On any given night, around 4,000 people sleep homeless in Houston. They can't quarantine. They can't stay safe like many of us can. They are about as vulnerable of a population as it gets," the website read.

Options to service a station or create your own station at home are also available for volunteers.

On Saturday, Mayor Sylvester Turner said Houston's homeless shelters have become a hotspot for the spread of coronavirus.

"We are now testing people in our homeless shelter, and what we are finding is there are people who are infected with this virus. We are engaging in social distancing and spreading them out," Turner added.

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