Houston-area couple spreads Halloween cheer in March amid coronavirus pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman is spreading Halloween cheer a little early this year as she's bringing trick-or-treating to children who have been stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Strickler family decided to decorate their front yard with pumpkins and said they think right now is the perfect time to scare up some fun.

Her mask and music are proof that Halloween is Amber Strickler's favorite day of the year.

"I love to share it and I love to dress up, and I love scaring kids," said Amber.

Amber and Andy had plans to remake their home from their celebration back in October but then the weather interrupted their plans.

"The rain just totally took that away," said Amber.

So, the Stricklers grabbed the Mike Myers mask and hit the streets of their neighborhood, passing out candy, from a safe distance.

"Snickers, Three Musketeers, Starburst, Skittles," said Amber. "We gave away around 450 pieces of candy."

The Strickers told all their neighbors their exact route through the subdivision so everyone had a chance to grab a goodie.

Two hours later, the first Halloween on wheels was a huge hit.

The Strickers were surprised to see so many kids and their parents getting into the spirit of things.

"That part was fun to see that parents still had costumes on," said Andy. "My wife mentioned we even had a dog dressed up as a Santa Claus."

The Stricklers' plan to make their home a Halloween house on Wednesday, and will toss candy to the kids who pass by if they are staying a safe distance away.

Although many are worried about coronavirus, this type of event can really lighten up the mood and help people take a deep breath and maybe relax.

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