Cure summer boredom with these dollar store finds

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Parents, how many times have your kids told you this summer that they are bored?

But there are some unique ideas to keep the kids entertained without spending a lot of money.

It is blogger Jill Jarvis' job to find things to do for her blog Big Kids Small City, but it never fails. Her still run out of things to keep them entertained.

"Summer's fun, but sometimes it can get boring," Jarvis said. "We always need to have more activities to do at home."

Jarvis and her three children tried out several DIY ideas using only items from around the house or the dollar store. All of these budget friendly ideas got thumbs up from the Jarvis family!

"We don't spend a lot of money, plus the kids really like to help me make the items and feel very proud of their creations once we get to go play with them," Jarvis said.

Exploding Geiser Science Experiment

Just put Mentos in a 2 liter bottle of soda and shake it up. Make sure to do this one outside.

"It's messy and you don't really know how big the explosion is going to be, so that's what they like the most I think," Jarvis said.

This afternoon of fun only costs $2.

Hula Hoop Tent

Take a hula hoop, twine, and an old bed sheet to make this reading nook.

"All you do is take the bed sheet around the hula hoop, loop it around itself, and just pin it into place," Jarvis said.

Making the tent and then playing in it will keep the kids occupied for a day, and it only cost $3.

Obstacle Course

Jarvis used pool noodles cut in half and bamboo skewers as stakes in the yard to create loops. She added hula hoops to jump through the ends of the course. She finished it off with a cool noodle sprinkler.

"I just took a screwdriver and poked holes," Jarvis said "I just used a cap from a water bottle and put it in the back end."

Add the hose and let the fun begin! The cost depends on the size of your course, but each noodle is only $1.

Doll Swing

She made a $3 doll swing using a stackable container, duct tape, and some shoelaces.

Hang the swing from somewhere high inside or outside in the yard and the doll can play all day too.

Surprise Eggs

There's something about surprise eggs that can keep kids entertained for hours, especially in this heat!

To make them, fill balloons with with a toy and water. Freeze them overnight then take off the balloon and you'll have a frozen surprise egg.

Treasure Boxes

This idea is great for teaching kids about giving.

They made treasure boxes out of plastic containers. Just fill them with toys and hide at a playground for another family to find.

"Can you imagine how you would feel to have your kid find a piece of treasure?" Jarvis said.

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