Crossroads - January 22, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Segment 1 - Congressman Al Green discusses his reasons for boycotting the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Representative Green chose not to attend because he says he could not participate in the inauguration of a person who "calls women dogs, would ban Muslims from this country and insulted Latinos." Despite that, Mr. Green says he looks forward to working with the new President to create legislation and policies to help all Americans.

Segment 2 - An interview with Nhedrick Jabier, the winner of the 2017 Gardere MLK Oratory Competition. Jabier is a student at Crespo Elementary School and talks about his intense preparations for the competition and why he believes that all people can be great if they stand up for each other. Joining Jabier for the interview is Claude Treese of the Gardere, Wynne Sewell law firm, which created the MLK oratory competition 21 years ago in Dallas.

Segment 3 - An interview with the widow, daughter and granddaughter of the late Arthur Gaines who passed away recently of prostate cancer. Daughter, Velma Laws and granddaughter, Dr. Aliya Wilson discuss Mr. Gaines late diagnosis and why early screening for prostate cancer is so important - especially for African American men.

Segment 4 - A profile of Darrell Dunn, who transformed his life by losing over 140 pounds the hard way - by working out and changing his eating habits. Dunn is now an fitness instructor at the YMCA that assisted him in his weight loss.