City View program from 1/1/17

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Segment 1 - A discussion on what the Donald Trump presidency might be like as the president-elect builds his cabinet and prepares to transition into office as America's 45th Commander-in-Chief. Dr. David Branham, a Political Science Professor at the University of Houston-Downtown, discusses Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton, his fondness for Twitter and why he was such an appealing candidate to a large percentage of the voting population.

Segment 2 - Dr. Andy Hines of the University of Houston's Technology and Foresight Program makes his predictions on what we all can expect in the future. Dr. Hines is a Futurist. While Historians study the past, Futurists explore the future. He says among the things on the horizon - more driverless cars, income inequality as automation takes hold, and the rise of artificial intelligence, robots and bitcoins.

Segment 3 - Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) is currently experiencing a glut of homeless animals and is seeking the public's help in adopting the more than 600 animals in need of a new home. Ashtyn Rivet explains BARC's "90-for-90" effort which aims to get 90% of the animals adopted by January 31st. BARC is also dropping adoption fees and including spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, a one-year city pet license and a microchip with lifetime registration with all adoptions. For more information, visit

Segment 4 - A profile of a Houston waitress who received a special holiday blessing from a customer. Chastity Rodriguez says a customer who ordered a simple meal of beans and cornbread handed her an envelope with $1000 inside during a recent visit to a Luby's Restaurant. Chastity had been going through some difficult times and called the woman her "angel." She has no idea who the woman was and has not seen her since, but is thankful for her kindness and generosity.