No bikes allowed: New skate park opens amid protests

Thursday, August 14, 2014
skate park bike protest
The new Spring Skate Park, which is now open, doesn't allow bike riders

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A fast, fun start to the day for dozens of skateboarders who got their first chance to hit the concrete at the new Spring Skate Park.

Derrick Hayes has been skating for over 3 decades now. He says the 78,000 square feet park was just what the city needed for skaters young and old.

"Skateboarding is like football and basketball," Hayes said. "It's an avenue to keep kids out of trouble give them something to do."

The park includes a Texas shaped bowl and sections that challenge skaters of all levels.

But not everyone is happy. With security guards watching over, more than two dozen protesters staged outside the parks gate because unlike some other skate parks, this park doesn't allow bike riders.

"It's not fair," said Nick Martinez. "Why? because they get all the good skate parks and bikes don't do anything and they won't let us ride."

"I'm paying my taxes for nothing," said protester Kathy Broussard.

Officials with the Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority who built this park say it isn't about keeping riders out but keeping them safe.

"Imagine all these skaters here and you put BMX bikers in the mix you can have collisions and you can have accidents," said Sally Bradford.