Two sisters have their babies on the same day

VAN VLECK, Texas (KTRK) -- It is a strange, but happy coincidence: two sisters delivering babies on the very same day, within hours of each other.

"This brings a whole new meaning to being in sync to your sister, a whole new meaning," said younger sister and new mom, Tori Smith.

Smith and her older sister, Kelsey, are just a few years apart and over the years, sisterhood developed into friendship.

"There was nowhere we didn't go together, even if she didn't want me to go, I was right there," said Tori.

They are so close, they just had babies on the same day.

"Everyone says, we know what you did 9 months ago," said Kelsey.

Their due dates were within weeks of each other, but Tori was late, and Kelsey started to labor early, so they ended up in the hospital on the same day.

"I was probably a couple of doors down when she was delivering him, and then they moved me into the room right across from her," said Kelsey.

They enjoyed visiting each other, but they agreed it wasn't all good. They could each hear the other screaming in labor.

"It's not something I wanted to hear at all," said Tori.

They are happy and healthy at home now.

Kelsey, with her baby, Aurora and Tori, with her baby, Ruben. They share a birthday, and as time passes, Tori tells us hopefully more.

"Someone to tag along with, someone to have as a best friend."
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