Great last-minute Halloween buys at thrift stores

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- This week Patricia Lopez is 'Stretching Your Dollar' by focusing on the great buys you can find at thrift stores.

With Halloween being tonight, it's not too late for you last-minute, costume shoppers.

After covering consumer news for 9 years in the Houston area, I have to say one of the best bargains on gently used clothing comes from the Family Thrift Store Outlet Stores.

Keep in mind, these are the Family Thrift OUTLET stores, not the regular stores.

The reason why the outlets are such a good idea is because the whole point of this store is to move the inventory quickly!

So on any given day, the most you will pay is $2 per item.

But if you are patient, the price will eventually fall to $.25 each.

That's the day you can see big savings.

If you plan to visit the outlet stores, we must warn you: the store is packed, there are no dressing rooms and the store can be very disorganized.
The "25 cents day" will save you the most, but the best quality items get snagged up on the $2 day.

On the $2 day, you can find big lines outside the store.

Some shoppers get in line the night before just to snag the best brands.

On a $2 day, I have spotted some of the most expensive designers like Prada, Chanel, and Dior.

But you can also find great quality department store brands in great condition.

If you go shop at the outlet be sure to carve out plenty of time to look and maybe leave the kids at home if you can.

We visited this store for our Halloween Costumes:

Family Thrift Outlet
12148 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas 77034

Sample of Thrift Store prices.

Outlet Price Per Item
Thursdays $2.00 per item
Fridays $1.75 per item
Saturdays $1.50 per item
Sundays $1.25 per item
Mondays $1.00 per item
Tuesdays 50 per item
Wednesdays 25 per item
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