Get wedding supplies for cheap at Houston Bridal Flea

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Calling all future brides! It's no secret how expensive weddings can be, but you'll want to check out the Houston Bridal Flea this weekend. It's designed to save you money on all your wedding needs.

"From the moment I got engaged I started looking for affordable decor that actually fit my theme," said former bride Anna Brown who will be selling at Houston Bridal Flea.

Before Brown was married in 2017, she attended one of the very first Houston Bridal Flea events and really scored big.

"Oh my gosh, I got so much stuff. I got my rustic lanterns, fake flowers, LED candles that are super expensive at the stores, but here since somebody had already used them they were like take them off my hands, please. So I found lots of signs, decorative easels. I was able to decorate my entire wedding with stuff I found second hand," said Brown.

After the wedding, she quickly realized she was in over her head even after lending her stuff out to friends.

"I have a room full of decorations that after my wedding came home with me. So, I'm like what do I do now? I lend it and it always comes back to me, but now I'm going to let it go and make someone else happy and make some cash on the side," said Brown.

At the Houston Bridal Flea, even if you don't have a theme in mind, Brown says come. You'll be inspired, plus you can get lots of advice from past brides.

"You might fall in love with some pieces that you can center your wedding around. That's what I did. I wasn't sure what I wanted my wedding to look like, but after seeing the decorations, I was like 'Oh that's what I want it to look like.' The vendors aren't big corporations that come in to sell their goods at a high value. It's past brides that know what you're going through, that know the struggle to find that perfect thing you're looking for," said Brown.

Mark your calendars and set your reminders! Houston Bridal Flea takes place this Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. at the Czech Center Museum! Tickets are ten dollars.
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