Here are the 3 toxic school supplies to avoid

Shopping for school supplies is often a child's highlight of the back-to-school season, but parents should be aware of certain items that could contain dangerous chemicals.

ABC13 sat down with the Tox Doc, Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry to learn more about the three items you should avoid, and the alternatives to try instead.

First of all, parents should be wary of anything involving soft, bendable plastics. These are often found in notebook covers and plastic pencil cases.

"It has something called phthalates in there," Dr. Khan-Mayberry explained. "These are plastic softeners. These phthalates are not good."

Dr. Khan-Mayberry recommends limiting children's exposure to them, as they can impact a person's hormones. Phthalates have been linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and early menstruation, she adds.

A second item to pay close attention to is your child's glue. Some adhesives can be particularly strong and may even contain chemicals linked to cancer. Dr. Khan-Mayberry recommends sticking with glue that's made in America, making it subject to regulatory processes.

Finally, check your child's crayons to see where they are made as well. Dr. Khan-Mayberry cautions that not all items labeled as non-toxic may have met with the same requirements and testing.

Watch the video above to see our full interview with Dr. Noreen and find out what you should be watching out for this back-to-school season.


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