Student files suit against Louisiana school over prayer in the classroom

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Student sues school district over prayer

WEBSTER, Louisiana -- Just like any other school, students at Lakeside High School in Webster, Louisiana, start their day out with the pledge of allegiance. But it's what they did afterward that makes it so different.

Students remained standing, reciting Christian prayers while Bible verses were broadcast over the school's PA system. The morning prayers at Lakeside stopped after the Christmas break after a lawsuit was filed by a student, represented by the ACLU.

Kaylee Cole, 17, has filed suit against the district.

Cole says in Webster Parish School District, there's no getting away from prayer, "Football games, they have prayers in them, our pep rallies, sometimes they have prayers in them, any sort of ceremony."

The district declined to comment, but in their court response, they deny some claims and admit to others, saying, "A voluntary, student-led prayer was delivered in the morning at Lakeside."