Santa Fe community in feeling of 'solemn and shock' day after high school shooting

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- On Saturday, Santa Fe High School students collected the cars left on the school parking Friday morning when they ran for their lives after a shooting.

Ten people were killed and 13 more injured. Two of the injured remain in critical condition.

The parents of 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis issued a statement, saying: "We are as shocked and confused as anyone else by these events. We are encouraged by the comments made by other Santa Fe High School students that show Dimitri as we know him: a smart, quiet, sweet boy."

Students were overseen by law enforcement as they returned to this high school, as much for privacy as safety.

Behind the counter of the Santa Fe feed store, owner Gregg Blackburn offered his view of the town's mood. "Solemn, shocked, we still don't know what to say."

Congressman Randy Weber predicted Santa Fe will rebound from the second blow it's felt in less than a year. First, there was Harvey, but the killing of students and school personnel is a different kind of tragedy.

"We will once again laugh. It'll be a while but we will get over it," he said.

A resource center has been set up by the Red Cross at a local church for families, and Saturday evening, Texas First Bank is staging a community dinner. No donations are required. "It's a chance to meet your neighbors and share," the invitation read.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and first lady Cecilia Abbott will attend service at Arcadia First Baptist Church on Sunday.

Healing will come, but Blackburn expects it will take a lot of time. "Too many people got hurt at one time. It's going to be a while out here."
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