Santa Fe resident hoping to recover guns stolen from pickup truck

SANTA FE, Texas (KTRK) -- Santa Fe resident Stephanie Walker is waiting for her father to improve from hip surgery. His illness is one of many curve-balls during 2017.

Harvey ravaged her parents' home and the home she shares with her husband, Joey, and two sons. The couple made the tough decision to move to Georgia for work because they needed to get their lives back on track. They loaded the two family pickups but needed to wait for her dad's condition to improve.

"The things I did keep and that we were taking with us were sentimental or that we absolutely needed that we had," said Walker.

She said their pickups were burglarized on Friday at a restaurant in the Webster area.

"I was broken, I didn't feel like was gonna use anything else this year and it was still happening," she said.

Walker says much of what they had left was stolen, including dozens of guns she considered family heirlooms. The main value was sentimental, like a custom gun made for Joey as a gift from a fellow soldier.

"If I could only have one or two back for that reason alone, to give to my kids when I get older because of what they meant to us," she said.

She's hoping her luck has turned, telling us someone tried to use her credit card at a Redbox off the Gulf Freeway, and that police found her bag with her FEMA paperwork inside. Those are signs, she hopes, her possessions are still in the area. Still, she's worried about who could have the weapons now.

"I worry about them being in the wrong hands," she added.

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