Saint Arnold celebrates 26th birthday with special releases

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
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Saint Arnold's Brewery is Texas' oldest craft brewery! For its 26th birthday, it will be releasing specialty beers all month long.

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- In normal years, Saint Arnold Brewing Company celebrates its birthday each June with a big party that features live music, art cars, and a speciality beer to commemorate the occasion. But, thanks to COVID-19, that isn't happening in 2020.

"We became aware that we would have to pivot from having one big release with everybody at one time ," said chief marketing officer Lennie Ambrose.

That doesn't mean Saint Arnold hasn't found a way to celebrate its 26th birthday. In lieu of the big party, Saint Arnold is releasing a different specialty beer each Tuesday in June.

"We had a bunch of really good beers ready to go," said Ambrose. "And people have really gotten into it."

The first beer Saint Arnold released is called Gratuity, and the proceeds from the pale ale go to a good cause.

"We had some hops that were donated from a hops supplier and some malt that was donated from a malt supplier," Ambrose stated. "The money goes right to Houston Shift Meal, and they provide meals for people in the service industry.

Saint Arnold released three beers on June 9, but their website indicates they're sold out. This week's release was a raspberry sour that came out on June 16.

"It's a raspberry beer that is aged in bourbon barrels," Ambrose said. "People think of barrel-aged beers as being heavy, but this one is shockingly refreshing."

The month wraps up with two more barrel-aged beers - Barleywine on June 23 and Wild Saison on June 30.

The Saint Arnold anniversary beers, with a few exceptions, are only available at their brewery and beer garden in Northeast Houston. Saint Arnold has been doing curbside to-go orders since the pandemic started, and their beer garden and restaurant reopened earlier in the month.

"You can just come back every Tuesday and get something different," said Ambrose.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is located at 2000 Lyons. Visit for more information on their speciality releases, traditional beers, and restaurant offerings."