RUDE AWAKENING: 93-year-old woman finds naked man in bedroom

EDGEWATER, Florida -- Authorities say a 93-year-old woman had a rude awakening when she woke up to find a naked man in her bedroom.

In the released 911 call, the woman tearfully calls for help after finding the man in her room.

Edgewater police say the suspect, identified as Shawn Plotts, broke in and ransacked the woman's home.

"The lights are on and oh my God! He went through all the drawers! Ohhh! My closet!" the woman is heard screaming during the emergency call.

When police arrived, they said to have found the victim's belongings scattered everywhere and broken glass in the kitchen.

According to a police report, (officers) believe Plotts entered through the back of the home after they said they found a screen on the ground in front of the rear door.

After the incident, authorities spotted Plotts walking nearby. When they searched him, police tell WESH they found the victim's license, credit cards and car keys in his pockets.

Plotts' footprints were also found in the woman's house along with an empty candy wrapper and chocolate smudges on the telephone.

Police say Plotts was arrested on multiple charges and taken to jail.