Rod Blagojevich documentary 'Being Blago' | Watch full episodes featuring ex-Illinois governor

How Donald Trump, Barack Obama changed Blago's life. Now streaming on Hulu

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Friday, November 5, 2021
Being Blago | Watch Full Episodes
Being Blago | Watch Full Episodes

CHICAGO -- Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's rise to the top tier of American politics looked inevitable. But then he fell. Hard. But that is just the beginning of this story.

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Being Blago

This is a story about purpose and power, and the search for redemption when you lose both... even if it could cost you everything you say you love.

Episode 1: I Want You to Run

Rod Blagojevich, the child of immigrant parents, becomes an assistant state's attorney in Chicago, then marries into a political powerhouse family. His father-in-law pegs him to run for state representative, starting an ascension to the state's highest office: governor.

What starts out as a dream for Rod ends up becoming a nightmare as his relationship with his father-in-law starts to crumble. Politics is no longer "fun" and neither are the pressures that come with power.

At the same time, Illinois Senator Barack Obama becomes president of the United States, and Rod has the job of naming his replacement. What he doesn't know is his private conversations aren't so private. The federal government is closing in.

Episode 2: All Falls Down

The FBI taps Rod's phone and offices in hopes to prove he indeed tried to sell the vacant Senate seat of President-Elect Barack Obama. Rod maintains he was trying to make a political deal and not personally benefit from appointing a senator.

Rod stands trial and is impeached as governor, and in the process, he's banned from holding political office in Illinois ever again. Rod then goes on a media blitz, including "The View," "Good Morning America" and "Late Night With David Letterman."

His criminal trial begins with Rod promising to take the stand, but things change and Rod realizes he "talks too much."

Flash forward to present day, and Rod highlights he has no plans to run for political office but is not ruling it out. Patti, his wife, on the the other hand, has stronger views on Rod running for anything ever again.

Episode 3: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Rod recounts his last hours at home with his wife and two little girls, knowing he's leaving for prison with a hefty 14-year sentence.

Patti has to deal with becoming a single mother of two overnight, and her struggle while her husband is incarcerated halfway across the country.

When all of the Blagojevich family's legal appeals run out, the only hope they have is presidential intervention. Little did they know, a former reality show host, who Rod worked with, would take the nation's highest office.

Patti takes matters into her own hands with the help of a mystery man in hopes of getting her husband back home.

Meanwhile, Rod preps to cover one of his idols in concert with a song that rings true to him in more ways than one.

Episode 4: Rod v. Everyone

Rod sets out to right one of the biggest wrongs done to him, challenging a law saying he can no longer hold political office in the state of Illinois ever again.

Patti would prefer Rod not engage in another legal battle and move forward with their lives, claiming "Rod will never be able to clear his name." Furthermore, Patti lets Rod know that if he ever intends to hold political office ever again, it will be with his second wife.