New app aims to stop robocalls and scammers from calling you

Nina Pineda Image
Friday, February 23, 2018
New app aims to stop robocalls and scammers
Nina Pineda reports on the app that fights robocalls.

SOUTH AMBOY, New Jersey -- Developers have created an app designed to stop telemarketers and scam callers in their tracks.

"Answerbots" are a part of the app "Robokiller," which answer the phone on your behalf and toy with the human on the other end.

"Right now we are blocking more than 200,000 robocalls and telemarketers," said Ethan Garr, vice president of product for Teltech, a South Amboy based investor of Robokill. "We estimate they send 2,700 (calls) per second to people in the U.S. in the attempt to get just a few to answer so they can scam."

The app utilizes audio fingerprinting technology to stay ahead of the robocall. That means that even if the caller changes numbers, the app will know and add the new number to a blocked caller list.

Users can see and listen to all their blocked calls, and even choose the style of their Answerbot.

"We're wasting more and more spammers time. If humans are getting distracted by our robots they can't make money and eventually we will put them out of business," said Garr.

You can find out more information by logging onto their website or check it out in the Apple App Store. Right now, it is only available for iPhone. Yearly memberships cost $24.99.